2014 • • 46min • Wife CheatingStepmotherDramafather's mistress
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Lulu loves Henrik. There's no doubt in her mind: "What are we waiting for?" She's a gallery owner and he is one of her biggest clients. Henrik is crazy about Lulu as well, although he is married to Sophia with whom he runs his company. Henrik invites Lulu to stay with him in his house in France. A trip just for the two of them. A new beginning - except for a few work-related engagements. But in the house in France, the idyll is disrupted when Henrik and Sophia's homosexual son David unexpectedly shows up to prepare for his exams at his boarding school. Below the surface he is scheming and mean towards Lulu. David longs for his father's recognition and despite resistance from Lulu, he chooses to face the challenge, and stay in the house David strives for his father's recognition and decides despite Lulu's presence, to face the challenge, and stay in the house. Henrik doesn't tell David to leave when Lulu asks him to do so. Given a mutual spite towards each other's presence, Lulu and David engage in a fight for the love of the same man, and as a result, a special love/hate relationship emerges and takes them on an adventure with vital consequences for all three of them. Lulu is a story about love despite age and gender, and a story about leaving the one you love, in order to learn to actually love

Edson Araújo de Carvalho 1 year ago

porque o filme ou série legendado não vem junto quando se baixa

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