Verführt – In den Armen eines Anderen
Verführt – In den Armen eines Anderen
2016 • • 0min • Wife CheatingRomanceTV MovieMILFsexual tension
0/5 • 6.3 / 10 IMDb

Nina (Isabell Gerschke) has made a career at an advertising agency, her husband Sebastian as an attorney. But their marriage is not perfect anymore despite all efforts. In the agency, Nina is currently working with a dating service.One day she meets attractive and mysterious Daniel (Julian Weigand), and starts a passionate erotic affair with him. She experiences exciting erotic adventures, explores the boundaries of her lust - and risks her marriage. When she finds out that he and her husband, Sebastian (Patrick Kalupa) know each other and Sebastian has consented this affair to revive their marriage, she breaks off both relationships.

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