Kiss of fate
Kiss of fate
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Vera and Kostya Nikitin have been married for seven years. Lately, Vera has noticed her husband's cooling towards her. She suspects that Kostya has a mistress, a young colleague Katya Lavrova. Kostya is going on his next business trip with her. One evening, fleeing the rain, Vera enters a small cafe and meets the waiter Anton. The young man studies at the university and, in order to pay for his studies, works part-time as a waiter in a cafe. A chance acquaintance develops into a strong passion, and Vera and Anton practically do not part for ten days. But the time comes and Konstantin returns from a business trip.

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Sahbi 5 months ago

Please any change to get English subtitle for this Serie ??

ajaxxm 5 months ago

This series is not worth translating. I read the AI-generated subtitles of the first two episodes so that I can probably understand the plot.

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